Exhibitor’s Check Out Instructions

A few steps to follow so prior and at the completion of the show. 

Prior to Close of Show

• Visit the FREIGHT SERVICE DESK to complete the drayage company’s
outbound bill of lading / material handling form. You must indicate the shipment
is “Prepaid”; check the “Air Freight” option, and note “AFS” as your carrier of
choice / preferred carrier.
• Please call Association Freight Services with any questions you may have or to
advise of changes in the shipping arrangements, (301) 565-5900.
• If you have a contact name and cell number for staff on the show floor, please
advise us at that time.


Move Out:

• Pack all equipment and literature.
• As soon as your empty cases return from employ storage, remove previous
shipping and “empty” labels. Be certain each container is labeled with new
• If you have multiple shipments, group portions together so a stray piece will not
be overlooked. If possible, wrap tape around the complete shipment.
• Complete outbound bill of lading showing “AFS” or “Association Freight
Services” as the Carrier of Choice and return the completed bill of lading to the
freight service desk.